3 April 2019

What happens on a Ghost Hunt?

One of the questions we get asked when We say We run a ghost hunting company is ‘what happens on a ghost hunt’ Well We can […]
5 December 2021

Robert Atkinson Centre -Saturday 4th December 2021

GO TEAM ROBERT ATKINSON CENTRE Stephen’s Write Up So, we started the evening off by welcoming and checking our lovely guests in. Chris carried out the […]
5 December 2021

Ripon Police and Prison Museum – 03 December 2021

GO TEAM Ripon police Museum ROBBIE’S Write Up: Our night began by welcoming the guests into the museum and lead them over to base camp where […]
28 November 2021

YORK DUNGEONS – 27th November 2021

GO TEAM YORK DUNGEONS ROBBIE’S WRITE UP: Me and Chris started our night by welcoming our guests in the Dungeons. From there we took our guests […]
22 November 2021

Hawick Museum – 20th November 2021

GO TEAM HAWICK Kathryn’s WRITE UP: We set up our base in the Scots Gallery which is upstairs at the back of the building, and a […]
14 November 2021

Park Hotel Morecambe – Saturday 13th November 2021

GO TEAM PARK HOTEL CHRIS’S WRITE UP: So our anticipated investigation at the infamous Park Hotel had arrived & our white light protection took us up […]
13 November 2021

Appleby Castle Friday – 12th November 2021

GO TEAM APPLEBY CASTLE CHRIS’S WRITE UP: So we had arrived at the historic Appleby Castle & with all our our enthusiastic guest’s arriving we had […]
31 October 2021

Kiplin Hall – 30th October 2021

GO TEAM KIPLIN: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL  CAM’S WRITE UP: So our visit to Kiplin Hall was a little different last night as the team got dressed up.After […]
30 October 2021

Elmwood Community Centre – 29th October 2021

GO TEAM ELMWOOD  MARK’S WRITE UP: So we started the evening at Elmwood community centre with the guests in the back room area of the building. […]
30 October 2021

Richmondshire Museum – 23rd October 2021

GO TEAM RICHMONDSHIRE MUSEUM CHRIS’S WRITE UP: So we returned to our EXCLUSIVE location Richmondshire Museum and what a night it was with one of the […]


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