Castlegate Centre (EXCLUSIVE)

9 October 2021

Castlegate Shopping Cetre – 8th October 2021

GO TEAM CASTLEGATE Firstly Chris, Robbie and myself did a walk around and could feel an unease in the storeroom for Mothercare and introduced ourselves to […]
13 September 2021

Castlegate Shopping Centre – 11th September 2021

So after our introduction & white light protection our guest’s headed off on our 4th investigation hear at Castlegate Shopping Centre…. We began a calling out […]
8 August 2021

Castlegate Shopping Centre – 7th August 2021

GO TEAM CASTLEGATE Castlegate – Cam and ChrisWe started the night with a white light protection in the shopping centre. During this we all heard noises […]
13 June 2021

Castlegate Centre – 12th June 2021

GO TEAM CASTLEGATE Cam’s Group We started the night with a white light protection in the large room which was our lower level of the areas.After […]


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